See the Photobomber?

Yep, that's me.

It all started March 2015 in the middle of a Budget and Finance Committee meeting at my church. This idea popped in my head - I can learn how to take photos, get good, and make money for my church. So I started learning, and stuck with it for several months. But then doubt settled in. I'm not good enough, photographers are everywhere, and I'm terrible at editing. So I put the camera down.

Fast forward to August 2016. My faith in God was growing like crazy, and I'd been praying to hear from God about, well, anything. The photography idea started stirring again. Thinking this was God talking to me, I asked him to confirm that he wanted me to pursue the idea.

A couple of days later, on a Tuesday, a package from Amazon showed up on our porch. It was a photography book. I found out it was from my mother-in-love. When I asked her why she sent it, she said she'd seen it months before that but thought this was the time to send it. I told her about the photography idea, and that I'd prayed for confirmation, and then the book came. I had goosebumps! But that could've been a coincidence, right?

So I did what Gideon did and prayed for another confirmation. The next night, I'd signed up for a photography webinar. The first thing the leaders addressed were my doubts - "Do you feel you aren't good enough? Do you think the photography market is flooded? Do you hate editing?" Yes! But surely that was just another coincidence, right?

Back to Gideon. Just one more tiny confirmation? And God replied, "Sure!" That Sunday our pastor spoke about submitting to the will of God. As my mom said, "Wow! God's not messing around with this one!" She was so right.

Now, here I am with a few family photo sessions under my belt, ready to pack in a few more. Everything I earn goes straight to my church. I love that place. And I love Jesus.

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