Digital Defense


Digital Defense, a cyber security organization, came to us for a web redesign. They freshen their user interface every couple years to keep their messaging visually enticing.

Problem: How do You Fix What Isn't Broken?

This project was unique because my creative director had begun this redesign with a beginning batch of wireframes and I filled in to finish the project after that. The beginning batch of wireframes were set up with a homepage, resources and a couple landing pages.

Their original website wasn't unsuccessful so that created an interesting challenge. Change for the sake of change can be disasterous for a design. We incorporated more photography that wasn't in their current design. We used gradients, diagonal lines and pops of their light green for a more contemporary look.

Solution: Cyber Security Needs Solid and Secure Messaging

With some updated messaging and new refreshed homepage, I continued to build off those designs for the other batches of pages for Digital Defense's content, especially for their about, partner pages, blog feed, products and services.

In early 2020, we successfully launched their new website on WordPress.