UI Design

Lexipol serves millions of government and public safety professionals with a range of informational and technological solutions to meet the challenges facing these ever-changing industries.

Lexipol was the first web design client I worked with when I arrived into the agency setting. I came in at a transition period where one designer had left and I was tasked with picking up where they had left off. The majority of wireframes had been created but I still needed to bring them to life and tell a visual story. This project gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to a web design creation process and to further refine my visual design skills.

With the guidance of my art director, I worked through an extensive set of verticals to create visually engaging pieces. These designs included an about page, resources, blog feed and blog pages as well as landing pages for various content.

We created and successfully launched their website for a client that does such important work to better the safety of the community.